BlogMint Review – Monetize Your Blog And Social Media Accounts

Do you wish to make money from your Instagram or Twitter account? If your answer is Yes, today I will be introducing to a well-known platform, which connects brands with bloggers/influencers. This platform is useful for anyone with a blog, YouTube channel, Instagram account or Twitter profile. The platform that I’m alluding is called BlogMint. BlogMint is known as... Continue Reading →

World’s Cheapest Smartphone – Freedom 251 #DigitalIndia

This, is truly a revolutionary step taken by Ringing Bells in support of the Digital India Campaign. Established in 2015, Ringing Bells Pvt. Ltd. made a name for itself when it announced the Freedom 251, the most affordable smartphone in the world. Ringing Bells has previously launched the cheapest 4G smartphone called Smart 101 priced at Rs... Continue Reading →

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