BlogMint Review – Monetize Your Blog And Social Media Accounts

Do you wish to make money from your Instagram or Twitter account? If your answer is Yes, today I will be introducing to a well-known platform, which connects brands with bloggers/influencers. This platform is useful for anyone with a blog, YouTube channel, Instagram account or Twitter profile. The platform that I’m alluding is called BlogMint. BlogMint is known as an influencer marketing platform, which helps the brand connect to the influencers for sponsored opportunity in the form of Blog post or social media updates.

BlogMint Instagram Review
It’s really all about Blogging Vlogging!

I joined BlogMint back in Jan, 2016. Within 2 months I have completed 15 different campaigns for many big brands. The best part is that in most of the campaigns, you have the freedom to decide the amount you want to be paid. The number of active campaigns at any time is enough that you have at least a few campaigns relevant to your niche so that you do not run out of them. I loved the ease with which the entire process of getting a campaign and submitting the post is executed. Everything is well explained and the interface is super smooth. There are some other benefits as well. BlogMint usually organizes bloggers meet where you can interact and learn with other bloggers.

Following are some points which substantiate why BlogMint is better than most other influencer marketing platforms:

  • BlogMint Lets you earn from the moment you register
  • Earning is Easy, Simple and Quick on BlogMint. Your Payments get reflected in your bank account pretty quickly
  • The customer care crew of BlogMint is excellent helping you 24/7
  • You may get additional perks like invites to special premiere of movies or a chance to attend exclusive events
  • The working strategy of BlogMint is 100% transparent

BlogMint has recently launched Instagram module wherein a blogger/influencer can integrate their Instagram channel and monetize it. The cool thing is that BlogMint does not require you to have minimum Subscribers or Followers so as to register on the platform. I was a little skeptical about the workflow and the payments since I had never heard before about monetizing an Instagram account, but after applying to the various campaigns, I have to say that everything was fantastic! The process was so simple that even beginners would have no issue in completing the campaigns and earn a handsome amount of money based on their Blogscore and potential ‘Reach’. Once your Insta campaign application has been accepted, you may head over to the campaign’s description page and follow the instructions. In my case I had to post pics through an app along with a specific hashtag, and the Insta count was updated within minutes I shared the pics and the money showed up almost instantly. You have complete freedom over what you post so that it doesn’t makes your social handle a bit quirky.

BlogMint Campaign Money Earning

I would recommend anyone to join BlogMint as soon as possible if you haven’t yet, since you might be missing some great earning opportunities along with being a member of such a grand and unique community. You don’t need to be a professional blogger, neither do you need to have thousands of followers on social media. Being a part of the BlogMint family has been a wonderful journey and I hope to go miles and miles more with them.

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