Avoid Failure If You Want To Avoid Success

“Success doesn’t mean the absence of failure. It means winning the war not every battle”. Thus behind every success there is also a story of great failure, for failure is the best passport to success. Unfortunately while we are aware of the great achievements, we do not know the failures, the tears and toil that accompany it.

Failure is thus, just another step that takes us closer to our goal. If we fail yet again, it means that there is one more road we should not take. Thus it gives us valuable experience, and as we all know ‘Experience is a great teacher’.

Failure makes us humble, and in our grief, we find the courage and the faith, to overcome this setback. This makes us more down to earth, practical and realistic. It gives us an opportunity to re-access our objective, and plan the future course of action, in the light of mistakes we have made.

However to turn a stumbling block into a stepping-stone, one has to overcome the fear of failure and doubt. These usually arise when we fail. The only possible way to overcome them is to ensure that we do not commit the same mistake again. This is to be supplemented with a strong and burning desire to succeed.

History is replete with examples of great failures that eventually became great success stories. We know Abraham Lincoln who failed in business, had a nervous breakdown, lost a Congressial and senatorial race and even failed to become the Vice President, but ultimately was elected the President of USA. Walt Disney faced many rejections from newspaper editors, who said that he had no talent. While working in a mouse infested shed, he saw a mouse that inspired him to make a cartoon of Mickey Mouse, and the rest is history. The Wright brothers were also ridiculed, for trying to make a machine heavier than air fly. They however made their famous flight, paving the way for airplanes. Thus all of them took defeat as a detour and not a dead end.

In the words of Richard Exely – “Failing doesn’t make you a failure. Giving up, accepting your failure refusing to try again does”. Failure should be used as a driving force, to propel us towards our goal, rather than deviate from it. This is possible, provided we have a positive approach towards failure, and a strong sense of self-belief and commitment.

Thus failure is the best passport to success. We should use it as a stepping-stone, for realizing our dream, and not treat it as obstacles, that hinder or deter us from our path.

Failure - H. W. Longfellow Quotes


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