The Mowgli Memory

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Poor sweet little cub. Are you alone out here? What are you doing so deep in the jungle? Don’t you know what you are? I know what you are. I know where you came from.” If you can’t relate these lines to a childhood memory of yours, then you might as well have missed something very special as a child.

If it were possible I would have returned to my childhood to find sport in everything. But it isn’t possible so rather than imagining the virtual, I would rather find the hidden child in me. Never in my childhood did I missed tuning into the TV every Sunday morning to hear that mesmerizing, out-of-this-world song. As The Jungle Book movie gets ready to release on the 8th of April, it feels like it’s the time to relive the childhood and reminisce about the past when I wanted to be a part of the jungle and play with Mowgli and his friends. Since the movie is all about reviving the bliss we had listening to the song, I can relate to some bewildering memories of the various characters in the story.

I am listening to the song as I am writing this, I can imagine the characters come to life in the form of real humans. My teacher is a snake! Not really, but he acts like Kaa, as if we are nothing and he is the king. Baloo is indeed my best friend, for I couldn’t afford his absence in the hardships. My parents are like Bagheera, acting like a mentor and giving the exact and right guidelines with my actions. Mowgli had an interesting time with the animals in the jungle, and this makes me think why should I not go to the jungle and live with the various animals. Maybe I would provide different names to them and assign them some random duties.

It is obvious that everyone has to learn from these animals. Surely they are not real, but to be honest, they are personified in such a real way, which seems so applicable to the modern human relations. The end of the story is that Mowgli returns to the village for a brief while before Gray Brother convinces him to return to the jungle. On his way out, however, he encounters a girl, to whom he becomes attracted. It is then that he leaves the jungle forever and returns to the world of men indefinitely. This leaves me in an eerie feeling but since Mowgli was a human child, that’s OK!

So its time to go back to Mowgli and his gang of furry (and scaly) friends in the jungle, hum ‘Jungle jungle baat chali hai, pata chala hai’ and relive The Jungle Book when the movie is released on 8th April.

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