Is Housework only a Woman’s Job?

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, a mother plays an important role in the growth and development of the future generation. A better educated, practical and efficient mother, has a more positive impact on the child’s development. She values time, and does not want to waste it in idle gossip, or rumour mongering. She might provide, a more congenial and conducive environment at home, for the children to grow and prosper. But what if she is bound by the traditional and conventional norms? The society is full of people who simply do not opt for a change. They would simply follow what has been handed down to them by their forefathers, who lived in a world no one can perceive in reality, being a part of the current era. One could not blatantly accept the fact that what was prevalent in the earlier generations, might be applicable to today’s scenario.

The following are the stats from a survey conducted by a third party for Ariel :

Ariel #Sharetheload survey Statistics
The reality of Indian society as manifested by the survey

Is this what happens in your homes? Do you feel that it must continue? How many of you have witnessed, in your own homes, conversations like ‘Mom! Why didn’t you wash my shirt? It’s still dirty!’ or ‘Dad! If you see mom ask her to keep my football uniform ready, I need it tomorrow!’  I don’t have any idea about other countries but here in India, this is the grim reality.

Why do children ask only their mothers to wash their clothes? How many times have you seen little girls being asked to learn household chores from their mothers because they will need to do it when they grow up. It is not the housework that gives them an identity, and an economic independence. Rather, ordinary housewives lack the freedom and activity which would otherwise give them an important position in the society. Working women are more confident, bold and outgoing. They extend a helping hands to their husband, by doing out door work, like depositing bills or dealing with banks. It is frivolous for the husbands not to acknowledge that women might support them by sharing the responsibility of finances of household. It might be not their fault if they live in a patriarchal society, but they still have their own thinking and comprehension of a woman’s respect.

This is not limited to the elders, but the children seem to follow their fathers so that they learn the same since ‘like begets like’, and assume that only mothers are supposed to do laundry. The gender prejudice is being passed down to the next generation, and is nowhere in compliance with the moral conduct and basic human rights. Women are more tolerant than men but that doesn’t mean they are for granted. I am so blessed to get such an exquisite and considerate mother that never in the hardest of the times in my past, I have felt incomplete or have been miserable in her presence.

A Quote on Mother

Although the condition of women in India has been greatly improved during the past few decades, their are still some regions where women are treated as lesser humans and made do all the household chores, without giving them anything in return. Rather being thanked and respected, they are ill-treated and physically abused. I personally, can never ever expect my mother to do all the domestic chores like washing and ironing the clothes, cleaning and moping the floor on a perpetual basis. I am grateful for the unconditional love she has given me during these years without expecting anything in return. I try my best to support her in the slightest way possible.

No one has the intellect and courage to even imagine what it is to be a mother and a wife, except themselves. Being hard pressed for time, she ensures undivided attention to the children when at home. Her interaction are more vigorous and positive, drawing her offsprings closer to herself, by sharing their joys and apprehensions, and encouraging them to do better. This is for the quality of time a mother spends with her children, is more important than the quantity of time spent.

If we want our nation to grow and prosper, and the future generation to be more bold and enterprising, we should have no objection to mothers going out to work, and not merely being occupied in the laundry and other household works. We should, thereby, encourage them, for this will have a positive impact on the family, society and the nation at large. Most importantly, we need to spread the awareness among men and children regarding the negative consequences of compelling a woman to remain confined within the four walls. Children are delicate and can be moulded into any shape and direction, but it could be grisly and nothing less than a nightmare for their mothers and the whole female sex, if these faulty learnings are passed to the younger generation.

I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.” What do you think about it? #isLaundryOnlyAWomansJob

Watch the following video by Ariel, which is an eye-opener and marks, emotionally, that men should share the household work rather than expecting the women to perform all the drudgery. This will not only ensure relief and prosperity in a woman’s life, but will also lead to a peaceful life and superior relations, besides presenting a reassuring example to the children.

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  1. Ha! I kinda wish I could say I am the one everyone counts on to get the housework done, but sadly that is not the case in my house. I am now a stay at home mom and my husband has to work more. Well, we are all missing him very much. He is the cook here, he does the best job at cleaning the floors and the bath tub. I’m going nuts without his help. Its not a male female thing to do households it’s a get it done thing in my house.


  2. Interesting points. In our family, we all pitch in at home because I think it’s important to give them a sense of responsibility as well.

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  3. I totally agree that many cultures have a long way to go with this idea. But I also know from experience, that sometimes it simply is what it is and that is not because I am the woman. My husband is in the military and is rarely home and usually gone for months at a time. While I work from home. It is simple the nature of our situation. Had it been reversed so would the responsibility.

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  4. The statistics on your info-graphic were shocking! Me and my boyfriend live together and both work and although we don’t have children we both share the household chores; if anything he probably does more cleaning than me! A great post.


  5. As I can read here, somewhere the situation is even worse than in Italy. We are improving, sure, things are slowly changing but… just yesterday I was a speaker at a conference abt digital gender gap and it was so frustrating for me to listen to young teacher still telling that ‘women are more skilled in creative works and they need a help in technologies’! These are the same stereotypes that make people think that laundry is just a female matter. I think we all MUST impose our mate to do what we do. Even the ‘compliment’ they pay us when they say women are ‘multitasking’ is only another cage! It’s the kind justification for making us do everything. Thank you for sharing this amazing post.


    1. That is the mentality I’m talking about. People think that women are made for housework because that’s what they are supposed to do. Even according to some people, a man doing household chores is referred to as subservient.


  6. You know, while I do agree with most of the points in your article, I think it is more important that we teach respect amongst human beings on the first place. See, I don’t think there is anything wrong with a woman being a housewife. Women are genetically predisposed to being more capable of turning a house into a home and I think it is exactly this quality that ought to be respected and this is what we should be appreciated for.

    Just to state something I am observing a lot: it is very easy to turn the right of working into the obligation of having a job. And when something (a job, co-workers, bosses,etc) consumes 8 hours of a woman’s daily routine she comes back home often exhausted and incapable of delivering the warmth she carries inside.

    We should all have the right to work. But we should also be respected for our innate qualities.


    1. It’s not necessary for every women to go out for work. It’s also not necessary that we should compel a women to work if she enjoys the housework alone.

      What I want to present is that the mindset of people in India has become passive and they think a woman or a girl is only for doing the household work and that working doesn’t make her stand out in the society.

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  7. My fiance is the stay at home dad now, and he is getting there with housework. We have always tag teamed with the kids and it keeps our house in harmony. This is a wonderful article and you are right. Men need to work around the house as well. It is not just the womans job


  8. I LOVE this video… Shared it on FB, and am glad that my husband is awesome and definitely does more than his “share” 💗 Good for you for taking a stand!


  9. This is spot on. Even in America it is like this still in many households. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people in this world who can’t see past tradition and are afraid of change. It’s articles like this, though, that make these people aware of how traditions can hold back an entire gender, race or society. Thank you for this post! 🙂

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  10. Women have been made to content with the titles that have been saddled upon her. The inherent motive is to glorify her so that she doesn’t raise her voice for her rights and dignity. the psyche is engraved on her at the hands of patriarchal society whose loyal troops are women themselves. What a tragedy!


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