10 Google Chrome Extensions To Make Your Life Easier

Google Chrome is no doubt the most used web browser all over the world, on smartphones as well as computers. It is certain that the browser itself is one the best in its competition. But that doesn’t mean that it could not be made better. Today I’ll be sharing a list of 10 add-ons which will make your browsing experience faster, smarter as well as more productive.

1. Momentum

momentum extension for chrome

Are you tired of the same new tab screen everytime you lauch the browser or open a new tab? Then Momentum is for you. This Chrome extension turns the New Tab Page into your personal dashboard. Momentum replaces the default screen with a beautiful photo, the time, an inspirational quote, and a “main focus” that you can set at the start of each day. You can also create a to-do list or return to the basic new tab screen with just a click. Install Momentum

2. Google Dictionary

Google dictionary for chrome

This extension is pretty straight-forward yet extremely beneficial, especially if you browse a lot of content or write articles. You can simply double click on a word to see a small popup with its definition. Also, you can search any word just by clicking on the extension icon. This makes easier to brush up your vocabulary on the go. Install Google Dictionary

3. Pushbullet

pushbullet for google chrome
Great add-on for Android users


Pushbullet is a pair of Android/iOS app and browser extension that allows users to easily share files, notifications, links and other files  between your phone and your computer seamlessly. Pushbullet can send you your phone’s notifications, such as instant messages and calls right to your desktop, and in turn, you can also share notes, links, lists and files across all of your devices. You also get notifications from a variety of sources such as online deals, news, website newsfeeds and more. Install Pushbullet

4. Hola – Unlimited Free VPN

hola better internet unlimited vpn
Access any website from anywhere


VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, but that doesn’t explains everything. In simple words, Hola (or VPN) lets you see the sites that have been blocked in your country. Thus, you may use torrent or adf.ly links in India with the help of a VPN. This add-on is free and is easy to use. It also gives a list of different countries to choose the network from. Is you’ve been struggling with opening certain links that you have found on the internet, just install Hola and you’re good to go. Install Hola Better Internet

5. Picture in Picture

pictureinpicture extension for chrome

Docks your favourite stuff in a floating mobile-view window! Including Facebook chatting, YouTube videos and Hangouts calls. This extensions creates a small window in the bottom right corner of your browser in which the YouTube videos continue to play while you browse other stuff. It’s exactly the same thing as in YouTube mobile app, when you minimise a running video. This can be handy when you need to look for something related to the video simultaneously as you watch it. Install Picture in Picture Viewer

6. crxMouse Chrome Gestures

crx mouse gestures for Chrome
Increase the productivity of your mouse


crxMouse Chrome Gestures provides users with a set of handy instructions for the web page via certain mouse gestures. These are configurable through the settings menu of the extension. You can create your own gestures. Few I prefer are slide up to go to top, flick to search, slide a link to open in new tab, switching tabs among others. Install crxMouse Chrome Gestures

7. AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus for blocking annoying ads

This is a very popular add-on and majority of you might be using this on their browsers. It’s certain that 99% of the times you don’t need the annoying ads that are displayed on the web pages you visit. Just install this extension and configure it to disable all those useless ads and have a clean browsing experience. Install AdBlock Plus

8. Grammarly

Grammarly spell checker - excellent for typing
Grammarly is awesome!


This is absolutely a must have for bloggers or chatting freaks. It automatically corrects misspelled words as you write and also detects any of the grammatical errors in your sentences. It does boosts your credibility and helps you write clearly and confidently anywhere in the web. With vocabulary enhancements and consistently accurate results, Grammarly has to be one of the most useful extensions on this list. Intsall Grammarly Spell Checker

9. Honey

Honey! Save your Money
Save some money via Honey


This a different variety of Honey that’s non-edible. But this add-on may prove extremely beneficial on occasions if you do a lot of online shopping. Honey automatically finds coupon codes and vouchers as you are browsing a product on an online shopping website. Heavy online shoppers will save both time and money with this useful addon. You can also track your product to let you know if any new discounts or coupons are available for that. Intsall Honey

10. StayFocusd

StayFocusd extension for Google Chrome


Lastly on this list, we have StayFocusd, which will help you to stay focussed.  A lot of you will remove it after few minutes of interaction but after all this is made to prevent you from all those distractions that you may encounter while reading some interesting topic or trying to concentrate on any educational article. This add-on will save the time you waste away on social media sites doing nothing but chatting with your friends or sharing your pics and all. Users can set a time allowance for particular sites and once you’ve hit that limit, StayFocusd blocks access to them. The extension is highly configurable, allowing you to block access to a particular blocklist, restrict access to everything except an approved list or even block access to all websites. StayFocusd increases your productivity by limiting the amount of time that you can spend on time-wasting websites. Intsall StayFocusd

Well, this was the list of some cool and helpful extensions I’ve found over time that have enhanced my browsing experience on Google Chrome. Let me know if I’ve missed any important ones and what’s your favourite add-ons that you can’t live with.

24 thoughts on “10 Google Chrome Extensions To Make Your Life Easier

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  1. I have & use Grammarly. I think people have become much to lazy and I really don’t care for most of the shortcuts and partial spellings of words. I wish more people would use it because mis-spelling & improper use of words drive me crazy! lol


  2. I have to admit, I only use Google Chrome as a secondary browser because it opens too many files into the task manager, one for each tab. I use Firefox as my primary browser. Any tips for Firefox too, especially on how to diminish the memory?


    1. Chrome is a heavy browser indeed, Firefox is comparatively lighter, but I do not use it. But most of the above mentioned add-ons will work on firefox too. Regarding memory issue, I don’t seem to have a solution. Btw, thanks for visiting the blog!


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