Write-Share-Win!! MouthShut Review

Wouldn’t it be amazing that you could utilize your free time that you supposedly waste on random stuff on the Internet, into some sideline income. Well this post is going to guide you through a way with which you can achieve that. Mouthshut.com started a contest under the name of “Write,  share and Win” in October, 2015 and it is really interesting to explore about it in the following sections.

MouthShut.com is a user-generated content and consumer review platform on the Internet. Any person can make his/her account free of cost on this website and start using and reviewing products. By writing reviews, blogs or sharing photos, members discuss their opinions about brands and products, thus helping other consumers in their decision.

Mouthshut MS Points And Rules
Rs. 1546 in just a week


You might be thinking what does the website gives you back for just reviewing various products. Well your activities, such as writing reviews, rating or commenting a review and inviting friends etc., rewards you with MS Points. Once you’ve reached a target of 500 MS Points, they ask you to update your bank details. This means MouthShut.com will transfer your cash rewards in your bank account. It is worth noting here that 1 MS Point = 1 Rupee. You earn 2 MS Points per comment, 1 MS Point per rating and 50 MS Points per active friend invited. You will earn max. 30 MS Points for comments & ratings per day, so that means you cannot simply pick a popular product and start rating the reviews and they’d give you unlimited money. The money is transferred to your bank account after 1st of every month.

How It Works? Mouthshut.com
A very simple mechanism


The brilliant aspect of the platform is that everything is free, you don’t have to pay to make an account or write a review. MouthShut.com will never ask you for your ATM PIN or Bank Passwords or any other passwords. However, you need to supply KYC documents such as Passport, PAN, Aadhar Card, Voter ID Card etc. to convert your points into real cash. There is no limit of how many reviews you write per day, but for a review to eligible for rewards, it should comply with the quality standards of MousthShut.

  • Pick any product you have used, write your personal experiences and make your review as detailed and original as possible.
  • The reviews should not contain abusive, copied or promotional content.
  • Movie review should be of movie currently in cinema.
  • No MS Point will be rewarded for reviews containing false accuses on rival companies, if they are written for the benefit of one’s own product.
  • Writing too many reviews on the same category would not reward you the points after a certain limit.

What are you waiting for? Thousands of people have already started their journey towards filling their pocket with money. Many have earned more than Rs. 20,000 already!

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