BlogMint Review – Monetize Your Blog And Social Media Accounts

Do you wish to make money from your Instagram or Twitter account? If your answer is Yes, today I will be introducing to a well-known platform, which connects brands with bloggers/influencers. This platform is useful for anyone with a blog, YouTube channel, Instagram account or Twitter profile. The platform that I’m alluding is called BlogMint. BlogMint is known as... Continue Reading →

Avoid Failure If You Want To Avoid Success

“Success doesn’t mean the absence of failure. It means winning the war not every battle”. Thus behind every success there is also a story of great failure, for failure is the best passport to success. Unfortunately while we are aware of the great achievements, we do not know the failures, the tears and toil that... Continue Reading →

Why Adults Are Less Understanding Of The Young?

"Crabbed age and youth cannot live together. While youth is full of pleasure, age is full of care." said William Shakespeare. This diametrically opposite way of life is the sole cause of lack of understanding and conflicts between adults and the youth. It arises primarily because of clash of opinion, difference in attitude and behaviour... Continue Reading →

A Sense of Humour will make your Life a Lot More Enjoyable

'If I had no sense of humour, I would long ago have committed suicide.' These are the words of Mahatma Gandhi, an ordinary man who made his way through immense troubles, and finally showed us the power of toleration and unruffled sense of humour. This is more or less our sixth sense. People endowed with a sense of humour are able to... Continue Reading →

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